Nurturing Spirits. Exploring Beliefs. Inspiring Action.

Our Religious Education (RE) program for children and youth is about much more than learning: it’s about growing, and the wonder of being alive!

Here at Follen, we seek to provide a loving, inclusive, and joyous community where the spirit of each child will have space to blossom.  Our young people take part in rituals of connection and celebration, both within their classrooms and within the larger congregation. They are encouraged to explore religious traditions and life’s most puzzling questions as they work and play together. Additionally, we’re committed to providing a program that counters racism and oppression by helping our children and youth to become compassionate, mindful, and engaged citizens of the planet.

Your family is invited to join in the exploration and celebration. We’re delighted to have you with us!

~ Beryl Aschenberg
Director of Religious Education, Credentialed


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Visitors to our RE Classes/Youth Group are Always Welcome

Are you interested in having your child try out our RE Program? Have you been talking to your friends or family with kids about the RE program?  We welcome young people to be our guests in our Sunday School and/or Youth Group up to three times to see if it is a good fit for them. Please email:  for more information or to get them started!