Charles Follen’s Great-Grand Nephew Dies

An obituary in this week’s Lexington Minuteman alerted Follenite Karen Longeteig to the passing of Bernard Lange, 97, who was Charles Follen’s great-great grand-nephew.

Mr. Lange, who had retired to Florida years ago, lived in Lexington for most of his life, working as an architect who designed churches. Though a lifelong Catholic, Mr. Lange met several times with Follen’s Minister Emerita, Rev. Lucinda Duncan, to discuss his family’s history and legacy.

“He knew of his heritage and was so proud of his relative’s abolitionist and Christian (Unitarian) credentials,” says Lucinda. “I invited him once to share our pulpit, which he did with detailed stories and family pride. It was a privilege to know him. And I believe he felt it was a privilege to live in the town where his great-great grand uncle made such an impression. Isn’t it amazing to think of our history in this very personal way?”

To learn more see the Lexington Minuteman obituary of Bernard Lange.