Sunday March 13

4 to 6pm

Follen Community Center

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Holly knows about the celebration — but please keep the details a surprise!


Gratitude/Memory Book

There will be a Gratitude/Memory Book given to Holly.  Please submit your words of thanks to Holly, words of memories with Holly, photos, poems, drawings, etc to be pasted into the scrap book for Holly.  In addition, there will be blank pages for folks to write something at the celebration.

There is an envelope in the operetta mailbox in the mail room for your contributions to the Gratitude/Book. Janet Lane and Erika Riddington are co-leading this part of the celebration.  They can be reached at j.f.lane@rcn.com and erika.riddington@gmail.com.  If it is easier for you to send your written or photo contributions in digital format, please feel free to email them to erika.riddington@gmail.com to be included in the memory book. Formats we can work with are either: .jpeg  .pdf or .doc. If you prefer to send your book contributions via regular mail, please send to Janet Lane, 21 Hayward Avenue Lexington MA 02421.

Food & gift collection!

 We will be having dinner (pizza/pasta/salad) and are asking for contributions of $10 for the food.  You are welcome to bring some beverages too.  We also want to have a collection for Holly’s gifts.  Melissa Hawkins (mhawkins4@gmail.com) who has led this effort for the Jr/Youth Choir Christmas party has graciously offered to lead this effort for Holly’s celebration.  Therefore please contribute to the food ($10) and the gift (whatever you wish), by putting a check, made out to Melissa Hawkins, in the operetta mailbox (in the food/gift envelope).  If you prefer to send your food/gift contributions via regular mail, please send your check to Melissa Hawkins, 24 Rockville Ave, Lexington MA 02421. We will also have a cake for dessert.


We will all sing ‘Let your Little Light Shine’ which is one of Holly’s favorites AND the Junior Choir sang on Feb 7th so they will all know it. Epp Sonin will play the piano.  The words will be handed out at the party.  But to prepare, you can print out the attached for the words (measures 8 to 39 and then measures 8 to 56), as well as listening to the tune which is attached. We will sing it once normally, and then once with clapping and/or drumming!

PDF of Sheet Music: Let Your Little Light Shine (1)

[thaudio href=’https://follen.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Let-Your-Little-Light-Shine-1-1-online-audio-converter.com_.mp3′]Let Your Little Light Shine (1) (1) (online-audio-converter.com)[/thaudio]


Holly’s many contributions to Follen will be spoken about by several Follen Members.  Then the mic will be open for others to speak.

Presentation of Gifts and Cutting the Cake


Please RSVP by March 9

We hope you are all able to attend this wonderful celebration!  Please RSVP so we know how many folks will be attending.  If you cannot attend, please contribute to Gratitude/Memory Book (instructions above), or send your regrets to Holly via Erika Riddington at ericka.riddington@gmail.com.

Questions or looking for a way to help out, just please email me!

Thanks! Lynnell Stern lynnellstern@aol.com