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In the Interim: Let Go and . . .

For years, I’ve heard that old phrase, “Let Go and Let God.” I always thought that this was a nice, neat way of saying, “I can’t make this thing come out the way I want to, so I’ll just release it into the air. And whatever happens, will.” Well, I suppose it might be comforting … Continued

In the Interim: As to the Meaning of Words

  We are nearly to the mid-point in winter – at least, according to my spouse. On January 31, Ben always says, we are halfway through the winter and on February 15, Ben reminds me, “Winter’s back breaks.” As a religious educator, I know that these are the times when historically, religious education attendance for … Continued

In the Interim: When All This is Over, What Matters?

  On my desk is a quote that a close friend attached to a napkin, when Ben and I visited for dinner one night. The evening was lovely, and the friendship we have with these folks is enduring. But the quote, written on construction paper in gold letters, is what remains. It reads, “When all … Continued

In the Interim: Food for the Heart and the Soul

It’s funny how the winter holidays happen. It’s like a locomotive, gaining speed around each turn, careening along until – sometimes — I feel mowed down by the long lists I carry around while I try desperately to check off things. And no matter what I do, the list keeps getting more things added and … Continued

In the Interim: Pieces of a Life, Hung with Ribbons

Last Saturday night, Ben and I put up our Christmas tree. We got it – as always – from Follen’s lot. This was the first year that our younger daughter, Abby, wasn’t with us for this ritual. (She’s arriving home from New Orleans on December 23- way too late to be putting up the tree … Continued

In the Interim: The Only Constant Is Change

Last Sunday our Music Director, Tyler Turner, shared his vision for music ministry at Follen. The vision he laid out is invigorating and inspiring and . . . not the same as it has been. Like Tyler, I’m learning a lot from the RE Action Team members, children, youth, and all of you about what … Continued

In the Interim: Families – of Birth and of Choice   

It’s nearly Thanksgiving time. I’m not sure how the days flew so quickly since I arrived at Follen on August 8 but suddenly, we’re into the official winter holiday season. Yikes. Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday for a lot of people, I think. The Norman Rockwell image of people gathered around a groaning table, smiling, … Continued

In the Interim: We Walk This Road Together

Last week was not, in my book, a good week. After the tension leading to this hugely important election, I will share that I, at least, did not see the ending I was expecting. It led to the Worst Birthday Ever and then, the reality began to really set in. But along with that came … Continued

In the Interim: “Winners and Losers”

I am writing this column on the Monday before the biggest election of my lifetime. On Wednesday, November 9, the day AFTER this biggest election, I will celebrate my birthday…a ‘major’ birthday, as they say, and I know that – even thought my husband and I have made a reservation at a very nice restaurant … Continued