Music Director’s Musings

One Music Maker’s Musings: A Little About Barbara Strozzi

from Director of Music Vivian Montgomery Some of you know that my performing, recording, teaching, and scholarly ventures have been immersed this year in celebrating the 400th birthday of Barbara Strozzi, one of the truly great composers of the Italian baroque. I wanted to give you a little info about all that I’ve been doing, … Continued

One Music Maker’s Musings: Truth-Telling at the AAUUM

from Director of Music Vivian Montgomery More on the Surprising Truth-Telling at the AAUUM in Denver The Association of UU Music Ministries (which used to be UU Musicians Network) held its conference in Denver in late July. In my last entry, I talked about the twisting and turning process of proposing, justifying, and presenting a … Continued

One Music-Maker’s Musings: Baroque and Belonging

from Director of Music Vivian Montgomery Welcome to the first iteration of what’s likely to be somewhat meandering travels through topics related to musical life, sometimes that of Follen Church, sometimes specifically of me, sometimes of our society or other cultures (like the past, for instance). In coming weeks, I’ll be posting writings on the … Continued