From Rev. Tom

From Rev. Tom

Rev. Tom Schade, our sabbatical minister, has left us with a few more gifts. His sermons (and other musings) are now all posted on in the service archive. He shared the following benediction with us, and it is fitting for us to share it now, with gratitude for his presence at Follen for the … Continued

From Rev. Tom: Book Recommendations

Thank you all for the interest you have expressed in the history of Unitarian Universalism since the end of World War 2. It’s an exciting story, and while some parts are difficult to hear, on the whole it is kind of inspiring. I thought that I would pass along the information for two of the … Continued

From Rev. Tom: Upcoming Sermon Series

While I am your sabbatical minister I plan to preach a series of five sermons about the history of liberal religion in the USA since the end of World War 2. While many Unitarian Universalists have explored the riches of Unitarian history in the 19th Century, we have not talked about our more recent history … Continued

From Rev. Tom: Covenant with Follen

Rev. Tom pledges his best efforts at leading worship at Follen Community Church under the terms of his contract. He will provide suitable pastoral care within the time limits set by his contract. You should contact him through the Lay Ministry team. He will not be providing institutional leadership for Follen, except as needed in … Continued