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FUUN! The Follen UU Network

Join in the FUUN – The Follen UU Network Make new connections and celebrate the interdependent web that brings us all together! The Community & Hospitality Action Team (CHAT) is launching a new program at Follen this church year – The Follen UU Network (FUUN). Meeting new people can be tough, especially in our growing … Continued

Worship Themes 2022-23

September – The Secret of Life October –  Creativity November –Transcendence December – Lost and Found January – Connections February – Heat March – Mortality April – The Unknown May – Story June – Bloom September – The Secret of Life – three poems inspired this theme: “The Secret” by Denise Levertov; “Secret of Life” … Continued

A Transition in Our Worship Offerings

This message is from the Worship and Music Action Team and Rev. Claire about our plans for online worship going forward into the next church year. We sent a message to our most frequent Zoomers (usually about 40 or so each Sunday) before sharing this message with the rest of the congregation. May 2022 Dear … Continued

CityReach 2022

FUUY Overnight at CityReach by Caleb Hyde-Petersen, Youth Program Coordinator On the weekend of April 29th-30th, 7 youth members of the Follen UU Youth (FUUY) Group, along with their Youth Program Coordinators and Advisors, participated in the CityReach program, sponsored by Ecclesia Ministries – Common Cathedral. This was the first time FUUY had been able … Continued

Membership Sunday on March 27

A message from Meagan Cox, Membership Director Membership Sunday is Coming on March 27! Membership at Follen Church is a very personal choice. Deciding to become a member typically means a willingness to play an active role in the life of the church, and to donate your time, talent and/or treasure to strengthen our community. … Continued

RE-flections: When the News is Scary

For Parents and Caregivers: Talking with Children and Youth about War From Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education Once again, we are looking on as violence spreads across the world stage. And once again, parents, caregivers, and teachers are faced with the challenge of explaining war and the threat of terrorism to their children. Over … Continued

From Rev. Claire

February 16, 2022   Dear Follen, Yesterday I began a “mini-sabbatical” and vacation time. I’ll be on leave from now until March 11th. I planned this time back in August in conversation with lay leadership, and now I am very grateful for the foresight! The timing was specifically planned for a less busy time of … Continued

What to Expect on Sundays starting Oct 24

Worship in the Sanctuary Begins October 24! You will continue to be able to participate on Zoom. If you are coming to Follen, here’s what to expect: Before the service From 8:45 am until 10 am the choir will be rehearsing with Interim Music Coordinator Shaylor Lindsay in the Sanctuary. Until 10 am the Sanctuary … Continued

Reading and Sermon from September 26

September 26, 2021 Worship Theme: Sanctuary Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn   Call to Worship: Claire Good morning! I was praying for the sun today. Praying, and checking every weather app and website I could. I started following meteorologists on Twitter. And here we are. I don’t think prayers change the weather—but I’m going to keep … Continued