General Interest

Our Transylvanian Friends Invite Your Family

Special April 2017 School Vacation Trip Follen’s Partner Church in Transylvania, Romania, has invited us to visit during school vacation, April 14–23, 2017. We will spend the weekend in Alsofelsozentmihaly, tour historic UU sites during the week, and then return for a second weekend in our partner village. The tour includes: Torda where the first act of religious … Continued

“Share Our Space” Summer Showcase at the UUUM

Series celebrating music, art, and culture in Roxbury Several events will appeal to children, and all will be in and around historic First Church in Roxbury, even as major work continues refurbishing the exterior. The full line-up is on the UUUM’s website. Three upcoming performances, in brief, are: “Latin American Folk Song,” Sunday, 6/26, 4 pm; … Continued

“When I’m Here, I Feel Human Again”

Sunday’s Share the Plate: Women’s Lunch Place Affirmation of worth and dignity, physical nurturance, and support services for self-identified women experiencing homelessness or poverty is what theWomen’s Lunch Place in Boston, the recipients of this Sunday’s Share the Plate, is all about. Follen has been involved with WLP for more than 25 years and has cooked one … Continued

BIG DREAMS meeting June 5

The Capital Campaign Exploratory Committee has gotten a lot of ideas about what Follen should do in a capital campaign. We’ve been to a lot of meetings, we’ve had a lot of conversations over coffee, and we’ve gotten a lot of emails (at We’ll be having one last big open input session at noon June 5 … Continued