General Interest

Religious Education This Week

This week OWL Thursday 6:30, Anne Smith Room FUUY Friday 6-11pm, Community Center. Worship planning, rehearsal, and pizza! It is possible more rehearsal may be needed on Saturday from 11-2. (Watch the FUUY Facebook group). No FUUY on Sunday evening. This Sunday, January 29 Nursery through Grade 6 Regular classroom programs for nursery through Grade 6 Grades 7 and 8 will attend the … Continued

Be a Follen Food Angel

Can you bring food for Coffee Hour? If every Follenite signs up just once a year to bring in one plate – a tray of fruit, or veggies, or cookies – we’ll be set. Go to Coffee Hour Food Angels Signupgenius.

How Does Money Work at Follen?

FHRAT Chair Nancy Sofen Explains Pledging in a New Short Video If you’ve ever wondered about how Follen gets and spends its revenue, this short video — with animated pie charts! — will answer your questions. Nancy Sofen, chair of Follen’s Finance and Human Resources Action Team, explains our pledging and budgeting process.

Hate Has No Home Here: Lexington Lawn Signs Initiative

In response to a recent hate crime arrest in Lexington, Follen member Toby Sackton has helped to organize a lawn sign campaign, spreading messages like  “Our Lexington: Compassion, Community, Kindness, Respect, Peace.” Follen is participating. To order your sign go to Hate Has No Home in Lexington.

In the Community: Energy, Democracy, Whiteness, Interfaith Action

Solar Panels on Route 128 Discussion Monday, January 30, 6:30 pm, Estabrook School Reclaiming Our Democracy Tuesday, January 31, 7-9pm, First Parish in Concord Do you believe that “we the people” need to reclaim our democracy? Do you believe that corporations, Super PACS and the very wealthy have too much influence on our government? If so, … Continued

In the Interim: As to the Meaning of Words

  We are nearly to the mid-point in winter – at least, according to my spouse. On January 31, Ben always says, we are halfway through the winter and on February 15, Ben reminds me, “Winter’s back breaks.” As a religious educator, I know that these are the times when historically, religious education attendance for … Continued

Partner Church Scholarship Students Appreciate Our Help

Follen’s Partner Church Committee recently received a list of students eligible for scholarships from the church leadership in Alsofelsoszentmihály, which determines which students are eligible for what level of scholarship. The students who are sponsored agree to do some service for their congregation, and to communicate their thanks to their Follen donors in a letter. Read a Thank … Continued