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Volunteer Service Network News

Do you need practical help?  The Volunteer Service Network doesn’t take a vacation.  With over 100 Follenites on our roster, someone is sure to be around to provide a much needed meal, ride, or assistance with odd jobs.  If you need help, please contact us at  After three years Caroline Jacobs is retiring from the … Continued

Operetta Tickets Are Going Fast!

Follen Operetta tickets are available online to the public via Brown Paper Tickets, with no password. There are very few tickets left, so act quickly. Cheers, Lynnell Stern, operetta treasurer and ticket seller.

Congratulate Our Graduates

Please come write a note to our graduating youth! There will be note cards in the Church library this Sunday, June 5 — or bring one and leave it in Debra’s box between now and Friday, June 10.  Youth who are graduating this year: Maddy Allen, Will Blumenthal, Dennis Bromley, Riley Hellinger, Oriel Hiser, Isaiah Johnson, Rachel … Continued

Spiritual Exercise for June: “Sanctuary”

Choose a place you can visit easily, every day. Maybe it is your backyard; maybe it is a spot by the Charles River, or a bench along the bike path. Maybe it is the Follen sanctuary. Maybe it is your very own bed. Go to this place every day — for a week, or hey, try the whole month! — … Continued

Religious Education: Please register!

Register Your Kids! We ask all RE families (Pre-K through High School) to register their children/youth this week at coffee hour. Register Yourself — As a Teacher! We are a co-operative program and ask all families to sign up for at least one (4 week) teaching term.

UU Urban Ministry Begins Work on Roxbury Landmark

The scaffolding embracing the façade of First Church in Roxbury signifies the UUUM’s embrace of the building as a historic and architectural treasure, and as a resource for building community, furthering social justice, and promoting the arts in Roxbury. Plans are ambitious, and include critical repairs to the building’s envelope and interior, and to its … Continued

Operetta Tickets Are Going Fast!

Tickets will be sold for cast members’ families and Follen folks at the beginning and end of operetta rehearsal on Memorial Day.  Lynnell Stern will be at the Community Center door selling tickets on Monday 5/30, 4 to 4:20 and again 6 to 6:20.  Please plan to stop by to purchase your tickets before they go on sale to … Continued

Suggested Community Reads: May’s Theme Is Creativity

Every month Amy Newmark and Jane Spickett suggest some books related to the worship theme. For those of you who would like to connect a bit more with the theme of “Creativity,” here is this month’s selection. Adults Language Arts by Stephanie Kallos Younger children Rabbityness by Jo Empson Hattie and the Wild Waves: A Story … Continued

The Follen Calendar: 2016-17 Planning Underway

Please write your meetings and events on the calendar pages posted in the community center as we begin to set up the 2016-17 Follen calendar. Or email Sarah Garner directly, if you prefer: Thank you for planning ahead!