General Interest

Summer Preaching Schedule

This summer at Follen, we will have the privilege of hearing from several Follen members who participated in Rev. Claire’s preaching class this spring (see photos from one of the classes). Here is the schedule for the summer. Services are in the Sanctuary, 10:30am. Check out the music schedule. Nursery is available at the Marshman … Continued

Summer Music Schedule

There’ll be a continuation of wonderful music on summer Sundays – our extraordinary pianist Shaylor Lindsay, a hymn sing and totally inclusive instrumental jam led by Director of Music Vivian Montgomery, guest musician Eva Montgomery-Morrison playing jazz and klezmer classics, and two visits to our African Methodist Episcopal Church friends. All Follenites are warmly invited … Continued

Childcare for Summer Services

CHILDCARE AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER SERVICES 10:20-11:30am, Marshman Center Children ages 0-6 years are welcome to join us for Nursery Care this summer during our worship services. Melissa Hawkins and her very loving and capable assistants will be staffing the program to ensure that little ones have a safe and fun environment to play or rest … Continued

COG Blog: Weekly Updates on Construction

Thank you, Alice Dunn and Valerie Perkins, for your tireless work and your weekly updates! Click on any photos to enlarge. Also, you can check out photo galleries from Joe Turner here.June 13 Update from your Construction Oversight Group (COG) Be sure to check out the sky view of our new building with its many roof lines. … Continued

June Spiritual Exercise: Sabbath

A yearning within reach Sabbath is, quite simply, a day of rest, when you put down “duty” and pick up “joy.” Give yourself at least one—if not many—sabbath days this month. What if you started each day saying yes to the yearning of your heart? Would you spend more time outside? Would you rest in … Continued

Deeper than Skin- Coming this Fall

Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway are singers and storytellers with a long history of friendship across race. On Saturday evening, they will intersperse a musical performance with personal stories about race and privilege. The next morning, they will lead us in worship. For more information, see their website ( or contact Dottie Vacca ( There will be a … Continued

Follen Question Box Service

I love Question Box Sunday. Below is the list of questions, some from adults, some from kids! To see my answers to the first ten questions, watch the video here! Answered: What about Follen keeps you up at night? Before you were a minister, why did you go to church? How do you define “prayer”? … Continued

Sabbatical: A Time of Rest

Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn In the first books of the Bible, God spends six jam-packed days in the throes of creation, and then on the seventh day, God rests. That rest must have felt pretty good, because later, God includes rest in the 10 commandments, created to help humans live good lives. The commandments tell … Continued

May Spiritual Exercise: Covenant

Revisiting Touchstones—and recommitting to them—in two parts. Part 1: Go back to your personal mission statement you created or chose in October. How well have you kept your promises to yourself? What has been especially hard? Easy? What would you change about it now? Part 2: Re-read Follen’s Behavioral Covenant: We, the members and friends … Continued

News from NOLA–FUUY in New Orleans

During April school vacation, twenty of our high school youth group members and four adult chaperones have gone to New Orleans to work on rebuilding projects and learning about social justice. Follow their adventures in the NOLA News Blog, written by Liana Raberg and Brian Sewell (left), FUUY Coordinators. Click on any photos to enlarge. … Continued