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Submit Prayers of Joy and Sorrow Online

New Form for Prayers of Joy and Sorrow

Use this form to submit your contribution to be lifted up in Sunday’s online worship service. These offerings from our hearts and lives are how we share the prayers of the people of Follen Church. Plan ahead, please submit these by 8am Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Pulpit Announcement Form

We have a new form for submitting Sunday morning announcements for the welcomers to read. Please note that they need to be relevant to all Follen members and friends, and they need to be under one minute in length.

More info is on the form!

Sunday Morning Pulpit Announcements

Summer Services 2024

Join us in the Sanctuary for the more informal, intimate atmosphere of summer services! Thank you to Ministerial Intern Phoebe Eckart-Lee for her work organizing our services, and for all the lay leaders who are stepping in to give reflections, facilitate worship, and provide refreshments. Thanks as well to Shaylor Lindsay, Assistant Music Director, for coordinating the music for the summer. Child care is provided on the lower level.

Summer Schedule Spreadsheet

June 16 Phoebe Eckart-Lee
Worship Associate: Jack Donohue

June 23 Ashley Mulcaire
Worship Associates: Phoebe Eckart-Lee, Jane Bausch

June 30 Communal Viewing of General Assembly Service
Worship Associate: Phoebe Eckart-Lee

July 7 Meagan Lancaster
Worship Associates: Meg Muckenhoupt, Gordon Hardy

July 14 Erika Riddington
Worship Associates: Jane Spickett, Melissa Howe

July 21 Meg Muckenhoupt
Worship Associates: Melissa Howe, Jackie Hawkinson

July 28 Elizabeth Burger 
Worship Associate: Robin Tartaglia

August 4 Robin Tartaglia
Worship Associates: Marlene Stone, Allegra Atkinson

August 11 Caleigh Grogan
Worship Associates: TBD

August 18 Audrey Jenkins
Worship Associate: Jane Spickett

August 25 Ivy Wang
Worship Associate: Allegra Atkinson

September 1 Jane Spickett
Worship Associate: Jack Donohue

September 8 Rev. Claire and Friends for Multigenerational Ingathering to start the church year!

Summer Service FAQ

What are summer worship services like?

During the summer services – from June 16 through Labor Day weekend – Follen invites talented ministers and worship leaders from across the region, as well as some of our own Follenite lay leaders, to lead us in worship that also includes beautiful music coordinated by Follen Assistant Music Director, Shaylor Lindsay. The services tend to be a little shorter in time, and attendance is often smaller. That simplicity offers a more intimate setting to get to know others in our community that you might not yet have had the chance to connect with.

Is there Coffee Hour?

Yes! After each service we have a Coffee Hour with lemonade and cookies on the patio on nice days or in the community center if the weather is poor.

Do you offer childcare?

Yes! We will have childcare on all Sundays for children up to grade 2, and children/youth are also more than welcome to stay in the Sanctuary for the service. Our Sunday morning Religious Education Program is on break for the summer, and will return with fun activities in September.

Our Ingathering service for the new church year will be Sunday, September 8.

Also Please Note: Summer BBQ Potlucks!

July 4, 6-8pm – at the home of Alice Dunn and Gordon Hardy
August 8, 6-8pm – at the home of Sarah and Austin Jackson

Choir Rehearsals Tuesdays and Wednesdays

All Are Welcome to Join the Choirs!

Music Director Chris Eastburn and Assistant Music Director Shaylor Lindsay invite you to join a choir! No auditions necessary. You can visit a rehearsal any time and try it out before making a commitment. For children and youth, please use this registration form.

Adult Choir  Tuesdays 7:30-9pm
Children’s Choir  Wednesdays 4:45-5:40pm (mixed social time 5:30-5:40pm)
Youth Choir  Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm (mixed social time 5:30-5:40pm)

Even if you are not sure, feel free to come to one of our rehearsals to check it out. Questions? Email Music Director Chris Eastburn at chris.eastburn@follen.org.

Follen Stitches

Blue knitted socks

The Follen Stitches, Follen’s knitting group, meets every Wednesday morning from 10am til noon. The first Wednesday of the month is via Zoom, and the remaining weeks are in person in the Anne Smith Room. Many knit, some do other needlework, but no handiwork is required to join and chat.  We have a stash of yarn and some needles and can teach beginners.

Contact Laura Dickerson for details and link to join at knitters@follen.org.