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Submit Prayers of Joy and Sorrow Online

New Form for Prayers of Joy and Sorrow

Use this form to submit your contribution to be lifted up in Sunday’s online worship service. These offerings from our hearts and lives are how we share the prayers of the people of Follen Church. Plan ahead, please submit these by 8am Sunday morning.

Annual Meeting

Join us for the Annual Meeting!

May 25, 7:30pm in the Sanctuary and streamed on Zoom

Chocolate and Strawberries on the Patio at 7:00pm!

Hosted by
Program Council President Sophie Evett

Here is the Warrant for your review:
Warrant (4 pages)

All voting will be in person. If you will be attending on Zoom or cannot attend and want to vote, please fill out a proxy ballot. Proxy Ballot


Pre-Meeting Meeting

On Monday, May 23, 7:30-8:30pm, you are invited to a Q&A Zoom session. Finance and Human Resources Action Team Members and Business Manager Linda Hein will be present to answer your questions about the budget and the warrant. The link was in the newsletter.

Children’s and Youth Musical Revue!


Follen Stitches

Blue knitted socks

The Follen Stitches, Follen’s knitting group, meets every Wednesday morning from 10am til noon. The first Wednesday of the month is via Zoom, and the remaining weeks are in person in the Anne Smith Room. Many knit, some do other needlework, but no handiwork is required to join and chat.  We have a stash of yarn and some needles and can teach beginners.

Contact Laura Dickerson for details and link to join at knitters@follen.org.

Choir Rehearsals–Children, Youth, and Adult

Update for February 2022: Choirs are all coming back in person as of Monday, Febrary 7 

The three Follen Choirs will be resuming regular rehearsals in the Sonin Room starting Monday, since Covid numbers have begun to drop appreciably. Children’s, Adult, and Youth Choirs will rehearse at their regular times (See below). We will be using additional air filtration, and mixing in small group work and non-singing musical activities as needed to keep everyone safe. Children’s Choir is preparing for their appearance in the Feb. 13 service. Be sure to arrive in time that Sunday to get a good seat to hear our wonderful third – fifth graders sing for you!  Adult Choir is preparing for the Music Service on Sunday March 20 with an inspiring and varied program, bringing us from dark into light. Youth Choir is continuing to explore song-writing with Isaiah Johnson, and is creating a Cabaret program for Saturday, June 11, that will showcase comical takes on Gilbert and Sullivan and other favorite songs from the classics of musical theater. Please contact Music Coordinator, Shaylor Lindsay, or Assistant Coordinator, Eleanor Wellik, for further information.


Children’s Choir on Mondays

Children’s Choir meets Mondays 5:30-6:15pm at Follen.

Contact Eleanor Wellik at eleanor.wellik@follen.org with questions.


Adult Choir on Tuesdays

Adult Choir rehearsal/gatherings are Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9pm at Follen.

Contact Shaylor Lindsay at musiccoordinator@follen.org with questions.


Youth Choir on Wednesdays

Youth Choir meets Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm at Follen.

Contact Eleanor Wellik at eleanor.wellik@follen.org with questions.