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All-RE Celebrations

1-12th Grade Children and Youth- Join us for our “ALL-RE Celebrations!”

Sundays, September 15 & 22, 10:30-11:45am at the Waldorf Auditorium

The new year of Religious Education programs will kick-off in the Waldorf auditorium, creating our own unique strands of blessings to decorate the new building. DRE Beryl Aschenberg and lead teacher Jody Gray Linden will be sharing stories and song in our opening Children’s Chapel services for children and youth in First Grade and over (with some Kindergartens joining in at their parents’ discretion) then we’ll spend some time playing together, getting to know children in many grades, creating art for the community,  and otherwise working to claim and bless the glorious new space coming to Follen. High Schoolers who want to join the fun and have a hand in making the new space come alive with the work of our younger generation, are especially welcome these two mornings.

Nursery and PreK-Kindergarten: 10:30am in Waldorf Orchestra Room
Our littlest children are welcome to join us for fun, nurturing, and exploration each Sunday. This Sunday, parents of Kindergartners may choose to have their children in the smaller PreK-Kindergarten environment, where teachers Becky Farnham and Adam Stockton will introduce the story “A Porcupine Named Fluffy”; or they can join the big kids in the auditorium for Children’s Chapel and a focus on blessings. Either way, parents will need to sign their little ones in and out on the Class Clipboard.

Follen Retirement Group

After a respite, the Follen Retirement Group is regenerating. Join us Tuesday, September 17 at noon at Sacred Heart for a brown bag lunch. We will share conversation and plans for the future. Drinks and dessert provided. Just bring yourself and your lunch.Questions?

Join Our Choirs!

Combined Youth and Children’s Choirs

Adult Choir

Adult Choir is open to everyone. Rehearsals are Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm. Until the Community Center is done, we will meet at the Sacred Heart Lower Level (until construction is complete). New members are welcome!

Read letter from Vivian Montgomery, Director of Music, for more detailed information about Adult Choir. 

Children’s Choir and Youth Choir

Children’s Choir (any and all grades 1-5) is on Mondays 4:00-4:45, starting Monday, September 16, in Sacred Heart’s Lower Level (until construction is complete).

Introduction Session:

Sunday, September 15, 12-12:45pm, Marshman Conference Room.

Read letter from Vivian Montgomery, Director of Music, for more detailed information about Children’s Choir. 

Youth Choir (any and all grades 6-12) is on Mondays 5:15-6:15, starting on Monday September 16, in Sacred Heart’s Lower Level (until construction is complete).

Introduction Session:

Monday, September 16, 6:15-7:15pm, Sacred Heart, after first rehearsal

(RSVP to musicdirector@follen.org for pizza.)

Read letter from Vivian Montgomery, Director of Music, for more detailed information about Youth Choir. 

Choir Connection Time (LIMBO)
Note that this fall we’ll have a 30-minute Choir Connection Buffer 4:45-5:15, for which all choir kids are encouraged to be present. This is a time that we’ll bring together members of both choirs for such special activities as creating a choir covenant, working on solo and small group pieces, playing instruments, or just hanging out and playing games!

Come January, this connection time will be used for working on choruses for our operetta, so it will be required of all operetta participants. Remember, in order to have a lead in the operetta, you need to be in Children’s or Youth Choir for the year.

Please get in touch with Director of Music Vivian Montgomery if you’re interested in joining any choirs or if you have questions – . Looking forward to seeing you all soon for another big year of singing and playing!



Important RE Orientations

RE Orientations for Youth, Parents, and Volunteers Coming Soon!
Mark your calendars for these dates now; more information will be available as we get closer to each event.

  • RE Volunteer Training for PreK-8th Grade Teachers/Youth Assistants: Sunday, Sept. 8, 1-3:30pm
  • First “YAC” Planning Meeting: Sunday, Sept. 8, 4-6pm
  • Youth and Parent Orientation to the “FUUY” Youth Group: Sunday, Sept. 15, 12-1pm
  • Youth Advisory Committee (aka YAC) “Advance”: Saturday, Sept. 21, 10am-5pm
  • “Our Whole Lives” Sexuality Education Class (aka “OWL”) Parent Orientation: Sunday, Sept. 22, 12-2pm
  • Youth and Parent Orientation to the 10th Grade “Coming of Age” Program Sunday, Oct. 6, 12-1pm

Anti-Racism Book Group

The Anti-Racism Book Group will meet on Sunday, September 15 at 6:30pm in the Marshman Center. Our first book is an excellent anthology edited by Jesmyn Ward, The Fire This Time. All are welcome!

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Orientation

OWL Parent/Guardian Orientation
Sunday September 22, 12:00-2:00pm

If you are the parent or guardian of a child entering eighth grade, please consider the “Our Whole Lives” (OWL) sexuality education class as an integral part of your child’s Religious Education experience in the year ahead. OWL helps participants to clarify their values, build interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality.  It’s one of the best things our faith does for our young people!

Eighth Grade OWL Classes to Be Held on Thursdays, 7-9pm Beginning October 3!

Please contact Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education, by email (beryldre@follen.org) or at 781-862-3805, ext. 1004,  with any questions or to RSVP for the orientation.

East Village Fair

The longstanding Follen tradition continues! Read about the history here, and watch for more information coming soon!

Parking, Access, and Safety During Construction

Update from COG (Construction Oversight Group)

Never fear, Follenites! Despite outward appearances, you will be able to get into the Sanctuary during construction!


All the regular lots will be available and we will set aside the Mass Ave. spaces in front of Follen for folks with limited mobility. You can park along the fence on the Waldorf drive, but there won’t be a sidewalk, so take care. Please don’t park on Barnes Place (behind Marshman) – we are keeping the contractors from parking there and ask that you don’t either, at any time. Our neighbors there already have a lot to put up with!
A note about Follen’s parking lot:  please do not park there on weekdays between the hours of 7 and 5.  At those times Waldorf teachers use the left side, and our contractors need the right side available on very short notice for staging equipment and materials.  Feel free to use the lot in the late afternoon, evenings and weekends.
Since parking will be limited at Follen, if you have ever thought about biking to church, this fall would be a great time to try!


The walkway up to the Sanctuary front entry will be compacted dirt, until paving can go in. It will be safe for walking and for walkers. While we have a temporary ramp up to the Marshman floor level, for access to the offices, meeting room and accessible bathroom, we will not be able to have a temporary ramp into the Sanctuary right away. We will have a charming Port-a-Potty to the left of the entry, and of course, there will be bathrooms in the Waldorf School, where we will be having Hospitality Hour!


Please do not go through the fencing and into the construction site…however tempting! It is an active site and we don’t want to slow down our contractors by asking to give tours. We COG folks all have to wear hardhats and close-toed shoes just to have our site meetings: there are too many dangerous conditions to allow tours yet


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