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Get Ready for the East Village Fair Sept 29!

EAST VILLAGE FAIR is around the corner! Despite construction the Fair
will go on. We will not have a Flea Market this year, but we will have
everything else and more! Please join us for a fun-filled day of great food
(Howie Bernstein’s famous pulled pork and Ed Jackson’s fabulous soup!), sales
of produce, plants, cheese, jewelry, and baked goods. Come hear music (the
Arlex Five and Dime!), sip cider, win a wonderful prize in the raffle and play
kids’ games. Come one, come all and help us support our Church on this special
day: Saturday, September 29 from 11:00 to 4:00 (note the slight time change
this year). WE NEED YOU! Donations wanted for plants, baked goods, and
jewelry. Please sign up to help. We need all hands to pull this off and make this
a great day.

Sign Up to Volunteer! Read below for donation information.


Time to make the East Village Fair Jewelry Chain! Here’s how it works: First,
donate your unwanted or unworn jewelry to Follen. Second, dedicated
volunteers (We always need help) will polish and mark it. Next, everybody buys
jewelry for themselves and loved ones (a donation to Follen and a gift). Finally,
the chain is closed when you find yourself admiring your jewelry on your Follen
friend!! Giving links us all together. Please bring your jewelry to Sarah Garner
in the Church Office as soon as you are able but no later than Wednesday,
September 26 so that we have time to shine it up!

Baked Goods

Please wrap and label all baked goods as to identity, with a listing of any
excluded ingredients that might affect allergies: nut-free, wheat-free, sugar-free,
and gluten-free. Use baggies / zip-lock bags or cling wrap, but not aluminum
foil wrap please.
 Bars, squares, and brownies can be wrapped individually as we sell a
lot that way.
 Cookies can be bagged in groups of 4 or 6.
 Pies, cakes, and breads are welcome.
You may drop off donations: Saturday Sept. 29 from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Plants and Gardening

We need your donations of labeled, potted perennials to sell at The East Village
Fair Plant Table. Now is the time to divide and pot up your plants. We
welcome unusual and common varieties of perennials. Please label them with
the name of the plant, sun or shade requirements, color and height if possible.
We welcome potted ferns, perennial flowers, hostas, daylilies, irises, herbs of all
sorts. We welcome shrubs such as rhododendrons, grasses, and any healthy
We also welcome labeled, healthy house plants, to be delivered the morning of
the Fair. We are also asking for garden/plant related items, and tools in good

Dates to remember: Empty pots for plants may be dropped off or picked up
beginning on Sunday, September 16th. Please leave them next to the church side
of the Stone Building. Potted and labeled perennials may be dropped off in the
same location beginning September 16th, and up to the day before the fair.
We will need volunteers to help set up and sell plants and gardening items on
September 29th, the day of the fair.


Parking, Access, and Safety During Construction

Update from COG (Construction Oversight Group)

Never fear, Follenites! Despite outward appearances, you will be able to get into the Sanctuary during construction!


All the regular lots will be available and we will set aside the Mass Ave. spaces in front of Follen for folks with limited mobility. You can park along the fence on the Waldorf drive, but there won’t be a sidewalk, so take care. Please don’t park on Barnes Place (behind Marshman) – we are keeping the contractors from parking there and ask that you don’t either, at any time. Our neighbors there already have a lot to put up with!
Since parking will be limited at Follen, if you have ever thought about biking to church, this fall would be a great time to try!


The walkway up to the Sanctuary front entry will be compacted dirt, until paving can go in. It will be safe for walking and for walkers. While we have a temporary ramp up to the Marshman floor level, for access to the offices, meeting room and accessible bathroom, we will not be able to have a temporary ramp into the Sanctuary right away. We will have a charming Port-a-Potty to the left of the entry, and of course, there will be bathrooms in the Waldorf School, where we will be having Hospitality Hour!


Please do not go through the fencing and into the construction site…however tempting! It is an active site and we don’t want to slow down our contractors by asking to give tours. We COG folks all have to wear hardhats and close-toed shoes just to have our site meetings: there are too many dangerous conditions to allow tours yet


Look for the renderings and drawings of what we have planned…after Ingathering, at Hospitality Hour!
Alice and Valerie

Join Our Choirs!

Adult Choir

Adult Choir is open to everyone. Rehearsals are Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm at the Sacred Heart Lower Level, with September 9 as our first Sunday singing. New members are still welcome!

Children’s Choir and Youth Choir

Children’s Choir (any and all grades 2-5) is on Mondays 4:00-4:45, starting Monday, September 10, in Sacred Heart’s Lower Level.

Youth Choir (any and all grades 6-12) is on Mondays 5:15-6:15, both starting on Monday September 10, in Sacred Heart’s Lower Level.

Choir Connection Time (LIMBO)
Note that this fall we’ll have a 30-minute Choir Connection Buffer 4:45-5:15, for which all choir kids are encouraged to be present. This is a time that we’ll bring together members of both choirs for such special activities as creating a choir covenant, working on solo and small group pieces, playing instruments, or just hanging out and playing games!

Come January, this connection time will be used for working on choruses for our operetta, Iolanthe, so it will be required of all operetta participants. Remember, in order to participate in the operetta, you need to be in Children’s or Youth Choir.

Please get in touch with Director of Music Vivian Montgomery if you’re interested in joining any choirs or if you have questions – musicdirector@follen.org.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon for another big year of singing and playing!

Adult Choir Calendar 2018-19

Children’s and Youth Choir Calendar 2018-19

Need to Schedule a Meeting?

Follen has the use of meeting rooms at the Sacred Heart Parish Center Mondays through Thursdays and the Waldorf School on Sundays, in addition to one meeting room in the Marshman Center every day.


Meeting and event leaders should contact Sarah Garner, Church Administrator, to reserve space at Sacred Heart or Waldorf: sarah.garner@follen.org or 781-862-3805 ext 1005 (note new ext). Sarah will email instructions for access to each location after a reservation is on the calendar. Please be aware that space is limited and we have an obligation to follow each organization’s rules, so any groups who have an option to meet in someone’s home should try to do so.


Audio/visual equipment is not available at either Sacred Heart or Waldorf, and Sacred Heart will not have wifi. If you have A/V needs, Jimmy McFeeley might be able to take Follen’s portable equipment to your meeting location with sufficient advance notice.