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Submit Prayers of Joy and Sorrow Online

New Form for Prayers of Joy and Sorrow

Use this form to submit your contribution to be lifted up in Sunday’s online worship service. These offerings from our hearts and lives are how we share the prayers of the people of Follen Church. Plan ahead, please submit these by 8am Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning Pulpit Announcement Form

We have a new form for submitting Sunday morning announcements for the welcomers to read. Please note that they need to be relevant to all Follen members and friends, and they need to be under one minute in length.

More info is on the form!

Sunday Morning Pulpit Announcements

Choir Rehearsals Tuesdays and Wednesdays

All Are Welcome to Join the Choirs!

Music Director Chris Eastburn and Assistant Music Director Shaylor Lindsay invite you to join a choir! No auditions necessary. You can visit a rehearsal any time and try it out before making a commitment. For children and youth, please use this registration form.

Adult Choir  Tuesdays 7:30-9pm
Children’s Choir  Wednesdays 4:45-5:40pm (mixed social time 5:30-5:40pm)
Youth Choir  Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm (mixed social time 5:30-5:40pm)

Even if you are not sure, feel free to come to one of our rehearsals to check it out. Questions? Email Music Director Chris Eastburn at chris.eastburn@follen.org.

Antiracism Book Group

Join our Monthly Meeting Every Third Sunday

Next: Sunday October 15, 7-8:30pm, Anne Smith Room and on Zoom

Continuing a theme of understanding and welcoming migrants, on Sunday October 15, 7-8:30pm, in the Anne Smith Room and by Zoom. We’ll discuss Nomad Century: How Climate Migration Will Reshape Our World, by Gaia Vince.

“A rather astounding addition to a growing body of thought that suggests the twenty-first century is going to include, and even require, lots of human migration.” “Terrifying in its message and urgency, but ultimately empowering in its conviction about a path forward.”  (Text abt 215 pp.) For Minuteman Library loans and reviews, click here.

Coming Up:

Nov 19: Master Slave Husband Wife by Ilyon Woo

Dec 17: Jews Don’t Count by David Baddiel

Recommendations? Questions? Contact Jane Current at antiracismbookgroup@follen.org.

Jubilee Three Anti-racism Training

Jubilee Three Anti-racism Training

Weekend of October 20–23, Offered remotely, with opportunities to gather, $170 or sliding scale option

YES! Jubilee Three is a major commitment of your time and willingness to open yourself to going deeper with anti-racism. YES! It is worth both your time, heart opening, and whatever money you decide to pay. Paula Cole Jones (pictured, left), the force behind the Eighth Principle, created and has updated this 2 ½-day remote program and brings it to us with the support of two equally inspiring trainers, Lutricia Callair and Dr. Leon Spencer. Join with people from Follen and elsewhere to learn why previous participants describe Jubilee Three as “transforming.” A flyer provides goals, content, and details, and there’s a registration form for Follen members and friends that describes the sliding scale available only through September 1 and family member discounts. Are you ready to take your anti-racism energy to a new level? Say YES!

Follen Stitches

Blue knitted socks

The Follen Stitches, Follen’s knitting group, meets every Wednesday morning from 10am til noon. The first Wednesday of the month is via Zoom, and the remaining weeks are in person in the Anne Smith Room. Many knit, some do other needlework, but no handiwork is required to join and chat.  We have a stash of yarn and some needles and can teach beginners.

Contact Laura Dickerson for details and link to join at knitters@follen.org.