Follen front spring LowResBuildings and Grounds Action Team

Follen’s history and ideals are visible in the very structure of the church and its parsonage (the Marshman Center). The oversight and care of these venerable structures, and their grounds, and their careful stewardship and regular repair and re-modeling, are critical tasks, important to the self-identity and well-being of the congregation.

Acting as adjunct to the Church Sexton who is  responsible for all daily and regular maintenance operations, the BGAT (aka B&G) is an all volunteer and occasionally highly skilled group who take on the oversight, care, and regular renewal of the church building itself, the neighboring parsonage (Marshman Center) and the surrounding grounds. From emergency plumbing repairs to annual all-church work-days, major re-modeling projects, and multi-year strategic plans, B&G members do it all…


 B&G Documents

2010 updated planting plan

Follen sanctuary plan 1987

Lexington Property map page 22

Follen roof plan-SF 2.24.10

2011 Follen drainage and paving plan

Follen 1981 Lexington drainage map sheet 12

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