CANCELED: The Lamps of Albarracin

Unfortunately, this event is canceled at this time.

Sunday March 15, 12-2pm, Anne Smith Room

Join us for lunch (12-12:30pm) and a special program sponsored by Follen’s Adult Programs Committee and Jewish Heritage Group. Follenite and author Edith Scott Saavedra, will guide participants on a virtual visit to the fifteenth century Kingdom of Aragon in the final decades of the “convivencia,” the living together of the three Abrahamic faiths in Spain. RSVP to Betsy Leutz at by March 9.

We’re happy to announce that several copies of the The Lamps of Albarracín will be available between now and March 15th for loan to anyone interested in reading it in advance. The books can be found on a library shelf, just below the regular “check-out/check-in” shelf, on the right side, as you enter the library. The accompanying clipboard will have a sheet on it so that you may write your name, the date you borrowed it, and the date you return it. Although it isn’t necessary to read the book to participate in the program, we are limiting this one-time “circulation” to 3 weeks so all have an opportunity to read the book before March 15th. There are also four copies in the Minuteman Library Network if you want to reserve a copy through the Library Network.