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One Music-Maker’s Musings: Baroque and Belonging

from Director of Music Vivian Montgomery Welcome to the first iteration of what’s likely to be somewhat meandering travels through topics related to musical life, sometimes that of Follen Church, sometimes specifically of me, sometimes of our society or other cultures (like the past, for instance). In coming weeks, I’ll be posting writings on the … Continued

Vivian’s Music Notes: 9/22/19

Director of Music Vivian Montgomery’s Music Notes are published in the weekly order of service and here at  Music Notes for Sept. 22: Today the Adult Choir regales us with two contemporary songs rooted in early American traditions: New England Folk composer Peter Amidon’s setting of Tennyson’s “Crossing The Bar” and the boisterous shape-note … Continued

From Rev. Tom: Book Recommendations

Thank you all for the interest you have expressed in the history of Unitarian Universalism since the end of World War 2. It’s an exciting story, and while some parts are difficult to hear, on the whole it is kind of inspiring. I thought that I would pass along the information for two of the … Continued

Help Wanted: Hosts, Coffee

Help Out with Coffee Hour! Love Coffee Hour? Join us as a Kitchen Elf and help make it happen! Follen is providing the food, but we need help with setup and cleanup. Questions? Ready to sign up? Email Jenny Marshall at Become a Host! Do you like to meet new people? Do you think Follen has a … Continued

September Spiritual Exercise: Return

Regret; repent; return; renew; and begin again. In honor of the Jewish holy time of Rosh Hashanah, beginning this month on September 29, have an encounter with the ritual Tashlich, Hebrew for “cast off.”   You can do this ritual on your own, or with your covenant group. (Rev. Claire does it with her … Continued

Vivian’s Music Notes: 9/15/19

Director of Music Vivian Montgomery’s Music Notes are published in the weekly order of service and here at  Notes for September 15: Today, the Adult Choir shares Alex Rowley’s lush setting of Campion’s “Tune Thy Music to Thy Heart”, an invitation to: “…sing thy joy with thanks, and so thy sorrow. Though Devotion needs … Continued

From Rev. Tom: Upcoming Sermon Series

While I am your sabbatical minister I plan to preach a series of five sermons about the history of liberal religion in the USA since the end of World War 2. While many Unitarian Universalists have explored the riches of Unitarian history in the 19th Century, we have not talked about our more recent history … Continued

RE-flections from the DRE

From Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education What is it that we want for our children?? As parents, that discernment is a driving force in the choices we make every day. And as a religious community, we are asking the same question. After all, it’s a tough world out there… but it is also a … Continued

Coming Soon – A New Follen LIbrary!

A small team of library-loving Follenites has been working for over a year designing a newly-invigorated non-fiction circulating library for Follen. We are planning for a collection that supports the work of our Action Teams and aligns with the interests and concerns of our members. A year ago, we partially weeded the former collection and … Continued