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Submit Prayers of Joy and Sorrow Online

New Form for Prayers of Joy and Sorrow

Use this form to submit your contribution to be lifted up in Sunday’s online worship service. These offerings from our hearts and lives are how we share the prayers of the people of Follen Church. Plan ahead, please submit these by 8am Sunday morning.

Follen’s Endowment: Part 1

Let’s talk about the Follen Church endowment. Does it grow? What is its purpose? Our endowment is a pool of funds managed by three Follenites (trustees) and invested with Fidelity Investments. Its purpose is to sustain and support the finances of the church and help maintain Follen’s people, programs, and buildings. Large special-purpose withdrawals are decided democratically by … Continued

Safety Team Update: Reopening and Covid

Safety Team Plan: Reopening our Church Vaccination Criteria and Metrics: We will reopen the church for indoor large gatherings when:  Safe and effective vaccines are widely available; all adults are eligible to receive the vaccine, and reasonable time has allowed all adults to receive the vaccine. Widely available means free to patients, at multiple accessible … Continued

Do you need to set up an online meeting?

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting Do you need to set up a Zoom meeting? Whether it’s a one-time thing or a recurring meeting, we need to make sure that meetings are not conflicting and that they are set up properly. Consult the calendar, and then please fill out this form, which goes to Linda Hein, … Continued

Faith Climate Action Week April 16-25

Faith Climate Action Week, April 16-25, 2021 The Environmental Justice Task Force invites you to join us in two actions: View Kiss the Ground, a new film about how regenerating the world’s soils has the potential to rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies (see more about regenerative agriculture at … Continued

March Letter from Coordinating Team

March 31, 2021 Dear Follen Members and Friends, Happy Spring! We hope you are enjoying the longer days and stronger sunshine. This shift towards warmer weather feels magnified by the transition we are making with the pandemic. With more people, including many Follen members, vaccinated and schools reopening, there is a feeling of energy and … Continued

Antiracism Book Group

Racism has a cost for everyone. It makes our economy worse–and not just in ways that harm people of color, says public policy expert Heather C. McGhee. From her research and travels across the US, McGhee shares startling insights into how racism fuels bad policymaking and drains our economic potential–and offers a crucial rethink on what we can do to create a more prosperous nation for all. “Our fates are linked,” she says. “It costs us so much to remain divided.” This 14 minute TED talk presents an excellent summary of Heather McGhee’s thesis about the economic cost of racism in the USA. Read her book, The Sum of Us, for our April book discussion.

Sunday, April 18 at 6:30pm.

Contact Robin Tartaglia at for more information.

UU Virtual Egg Hunt!

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Saturday, April 3, through Friday, April 30, 2021 Hello UU Friend! It’s me, the Easter Bunny. I know you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been doing with myself this year, since it isn’t safe for us to be meeting indoors or in large crowds. But, I promise you, I’ve been … Continued

RE-flections on Easter

by Beryl Aschenberg, Director of Religious Education One of the many facets of Unitarian Universalism that I appreciate is that we have such a great deal of theological diversity, and yet we are called together in love and support as we figure out our ways of being present in the world.  That said, I have … Continued

Food for Thought: The Riches of Roxbury Art

“Stop Genocide” by Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Click to enlarge

Please join us for a special Food for Thought where we will welcome noted Roxbury artists, Susan Thompson and Napoleon Jones Henderson  who will share their art and their experiences as artists. 

To register for this program email to receive a Zoom link.