BIG DREAMS meeting June 5

The Capital Campaign Exploratory Committee has gotten a lot of ideas about what Follen should do in a capital campaign. We’ve been to a lot of meetings, we’ve had a lot of conversations over coffee, and we’ve gotten a lot of emails (at We’ll be having one last big open input session at noon June 5 in the Community Center. If you have a BIG idea (or even a small one), bring it to the meeting. Of course, not every dream is going to come true, but capital campaigns can tackle the type of big projects that are out of reach for the annual budget – and that we don’t usually think are possible. So Dream BIG and come share your dreams June 5. For more information see Capital Campaign 2017-18.
— The Capital Campaign Exploratory Committee (Jack Donahue, Alice Dunn, Stephen Ervin, Brad Howe, Trapper Markelz, Herman Marshall, Mark Metzger)