Follen has had a Safety Team for years. In recent years, our team had to focus on how to safely be a church community during a pandemic. Below you will find our General Safety Policy as well as our COVID Safety Policy, which is updated as needed.

As its central task since the completion of the Long-Term Plan, Parish Board has been working on an update to the Safety Policy first passed in 2011. With a subcommittee chaired by Bob Heingartner in the lead, the Board produced multiple drafts and sought the counsel of prior Follen leaders and experts in church safety within and beyond Follen. While the policy will continue to evolve as circumstances change in years to come, the current version earned the unanimous approval of Parish Board at its final meeting of the year.

If you have a Safety Concern that you would like brought to the attention of the Follen Safety Committee, please contact Rev. Claire directly at or at 781-862-3805 x202.

Read Follen Church’s safety policy, originally approved in 2011, revised in June 2015 and March 2021.

The current Covid Safety Policy was updated February 7, 2024.