Program Council is one of Follen’s two governing boards, along with Parish Board.

Program Council consists of:

  • The parish minister and staff (as non-voting members)
  • representatives from all seven Action Teams
  • a secretary (currently Ann Redmon)
  • a president (currently Howie Bernstein)
  • a vice-president (currently Sophie Evett)
  • the Vice President of Program Council and the Vice Chair of Parish Board (two non-voting members)

Program Council meets monthly, usually on the first Monday, to discuss and church events and policies. According to Follen’s bylaws, the Program Council “serves as the principal operating body of the Church and shall be responsible for the management and implementation of the affairs and activities of the Church and each of its Action Teams in conformity with policies adopted by the Parish Board, the Church’s Annual and Long-Range Plans and the Church Budget.”

The Program Council is responsible for:

  • developing an Annual Report  for each fiscal year
  • monitoring the goals of the Church, as set forth in the Annual Plan and Budget, and
  • reviewing issues related to the achievement of those goals and the efficient operation of the Action Teams
  • maintaining supportive relationships with the Minister(s) and staff to help them to evaluate the fulfillment of their calling or employment
  • promoting cooperation among Action Teams and identifying and resolving potential or actual conflicts between the teams
  • recruiting and selecting all Church staff and negotiating terms of employment for such staff

For more information, see Follen’s bylaws.

You can reach the Program Council president at

Read the latest Program Council meeting minutes.