Parish Board is one of Follen’s three governing boards, along with Program Council and Coordinating Team.

Parish Board consists of voting and non-voting members:

Voting members are:

  • the Chair of Parish Board (currently Beth Bernstein)
  • the Vice Chair of Parish Board (currently Anne Kelly)
  • the Treasurer of the Church (currently David Reishus)
  • three Representatives-at-Large (currently Chris Farnham, Tempe Goodhue, and Rosemary McCrudden)  
  • and a Trustee representative (currently Hill Snellings)

Non-voting members are:

  • the Board Clerk (currently Steven Tenhor)
  • and the Parish Minister (currently Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn)

The Parish Board usually meets the Monday after Program Council each month to discuss matters related to carrying out the duties and responsibilities as defined in the church Bylaws:

  • Adopt written policies and procedures governing the operation of the Church, including but not limited to such matters as personnel; space rental; use of the church name in public statements, permit applications, publications or other ways that might reflect on the Church or its Membership; conflict resolution; fund raising; imposition of fees for participation in church activities by nonmembers; and acquisition and disposition of assets.
  • Provide financial oversight of the short and long-term financial condition of the Church. 
  • Prepare and regularly review a long-term plan for the Church, including a long-term financial, capital expenditures and development plan, which plan and any annual updates or modifications thereto shall be submitted for approval by the Church Membership. 
  • Work with Program Council to review the Annual Plan and Budget for conformity with the Church’s approved Long-Range Plan and policies and procedures.
  • Review, approve, amend, or modify any contracts subject to the constraints imposed by budgets approved by the Membership.
  • Review and approve any contracts of employment negotiated and recommended by the Program Council with the Parish Minister or employees of the Church.
  • Review and approve any leases of a term of one year or longer, and any and all contracts of indebtedness. 
  • Open, review, or close any accounts with banks and brokerages for the custody of funds and the safekeeping and efficient management, acquisition and disposition of securities and other intangible assets. 
  • Review and acquire any insurance policies required by the Church
  • Acquire, sell or encumber Church property, including real property, fixtures, artwork, silver, musical instruments, and items of monetary, historical or antiquity value.
  • Fill any vacancy on Program Council or Parish Board, Nominating Committee, or among the officers or trustees. 
  • Create subgroups, committees, working groups or ad hoc teams composed of Parish Board members and/or Church Members or Friends to assist in fulfilling any of the mentioned responsibilities and duties.

You can reach the Parish Board Chair at

All Board meetings are open to Follen Members and Friends. Email the Board Chair for more information.