Coordinating Team is one of Follen’s three governing boards, along with Program Council and Parish Board.

Coordinating Team consists of voting and non-voting members.

The voting members of the Coordinating Team are: 

  • the President of Program Council
  • the Chair of the Parish Board
  • the Parish Minister
  • and the Business Manager

Non-voting members include:

  • the Vice President of the Program Council
  • the Vice Chair of the Parish Board

The Coordinating Team typically meets the Thursday before the Program Council meeting to discuss the duties and responsibilities that include:

  • Scheduling meetings and establishing the agendas of the Program Council and Parish Board
  • Determining which of the two bodies shall have decision-making authority with respect to all matters. 
  • Interact with Program Council and Parish Board to facilitate both the ongoing operations of the Church by the Program Council and the development of long-range plans and of all necessary policies and procedures to guide the Church’s operations by the Parish Board. 

For all meetings, the Coordinating Team designates one of its members each year to keep a record of all its matters discussed and actions taken which is retained by the Clerk of the Parish Board.