Women’s Group      

Moderators: Teresa Cader, Maggie Herzig and Jane Spitz

The Women’s Group places a premium on speaking very openly about our lives and, as such, it also places a premium on creating the conditions that support trust and privacy. It is a group that is very intentional about its purpose: to know others more deeply and to be known by others more deeply. It’s not a chatty group. Our guidelines keep us focused on each other, not on people outside of the room whose privacy we respect. It’s not a drop-in group. Those interested in joining don’t attend until they have read and agreed to our guidelines.  

We meet weekly on Tuesday afternoons, 3pm-4:30. Most meetings are hybrid but the first Tuesday of the month we are all in person. In July and August, we meet every other week, on zoom only, with volunteer facilitators. The formats we use vary. For example, sometimes one person will be scheduled to share in depth on a topic like “family of origin” or “work and other meaningful pursuits,” followed by questions and discussion. Sometimes we address questions in go-rounds with one focus question to which all who wish to speak do so in just 3 or 4 minutes. Sometimes we start with a question and allow some meandering in a less structured discussion, following the interest and energy where it goes. 

Our regular group meetings are supplemented by occasional potluck lunches at members’ homes. In addition, we have done service projects. We used one of our meetings times to wash pews and windows in the sanctuary as part of Follen’s seasonal clean up. Twice, a subgroup of Women’s Group members volunteered at a lunch program at Arlington Street Church. In the Fall of 2024, we totally enjoyed hosting a baby shower for our neighbors in the Marshman Center. We provided them not only with fun baby items but also a very practical gift card.

Our email list has 33 members, about 28 of whom participate often or fairly often. A typical meeting draws about 20. As a group of women who are retired or semi-retired and able to meet in the daytime, we tend to attract women in their 60s, 70s and 80s. We are aware of some interest in an evening women’s group for a younger cohort of women. If there’s anything we can do to be supportive in connecting those who are interested, we’d be happy to.