About the Men’s Group

The Follen men’s Group started some years ago as a small group of three or four men meeting once a week to chat. It quickly grew by word of mouth to now, a group of 25 active members that meet once a week every Wednesday at 10am for about an hour and a half on zoom.

The group evolved to one in which members take turns making presentations on subjects as diverse as their family backgrounds, careers, interests, beliefs, achievements and disappointments. We have had sessions sharing our favorite jokes and we have had sessions discussing the prospect of our deaths. Presentations usually run from 15 to 30 minutes followed by questions to the presenter. Some sessions however are  “round robin” events where each member is invited to speak if they wish for a few minutes on the topic of the morning.

We shy away from intellectual conversations so we can keep things personal. The presenters have chosen so far to discuss people, beliefs, and events that are meaningful to themselves. There is no cross-talk. All communications remain confidential to the group and all communications are at all times is respectful. The common thread is to speak of something deeply personal or to approach a subject not about what it was but what it meant to you.

We find that if prospective members check us out for a session, they generally choose to stay long term. We are not a support group and there are no attendance requirements– but the number of men who have been choosing to come has been extraordinary. We invite other Follen men to explore their own life in a setting of mutual respect. If this interests you, please write to jimherzig@rcn.com.

—Jim Herzig