A Message for Families with Special Needs

Hello Everyone,

Caring Congregation Committee (CCC) continues to be mindful of ways to help families who have young and adult children with special needs during this time of social distancing.  We are one of the subcommittees of PCAT (Pastoral Care Action Team). CCC offers the following article from the Mayo Clinic on how to help young children deal with the social isolation brought on by our need to shelter in place and socially distance: Helping Kids Cope with Loneliness during COVID-19.  Please click on the link to read the full article.

CCC would also like to remind you that Dottie Vacca, a licensed psychologist with a specialty in School Psychology and Assessment, is available for a consult by phone, email, FaceTime, et al to anyone in the Follen Community who might have a child issue on their minds and would find it helpful to talk. Her contact information is available in Breeze or by emailing caringcong@follen.org. Caring Congregation would also like to remind families that if you are in need of hiring a tutor for your child with special needs to help with school work or need respite for yourself, there is a special fund available to provide monetary help for families who have children with special needs for these and other services, as well.  Please contact Rev. Claire, who gladly welcomes requests for these funds.

Sharon Cerny, Chair

Dottie Vacca, Vice-Chair