A Message from our Minister Emerita

Hello all you dear folks who are leading Follen this year,

I wanted you to know that I have recently decided to give $6,000 to Follen Church to underwrite Vivian Montgomery’s Urban Church Music Friendships Initiative. I’ve been following the budget belt-tightening worries and – because I care so much about helping all of our Follen folks connect in new and exciting ways with people of color – I thought this would be a gift I would really like to make.

In particular, the reason I want to help is because I think that the Melanie Demore program is such a wonderfully creative and impactful idea. As I wrote recently to our FRR Team, I think this project will be a “game-changer” for Follen. Not only will it have an indelible impact on many of our kids and adults, I think it will generate real excitement about what the “Follen Experience” is like. This residency, and the enthusiasm and interest it generates, will get people talking throughout the Town as well as in other UU congregations across the nation. I think it is exactly this kind of experience that will begin to lead to more people to come to, and to join, Follen.  They will want this kind of experience. It is not something that individuals can do alone: it requires visionary community. It will also lead Follen in many new and important directions in coming years, which would make me so proud.

As you know, I am in the last few days here in West Concord before my house goes on the market. I will be moving to Arvada, Colorado  (immediately west of Denver) in early June to live close to my youngest son Alec, his wonderful wife Megan, and their two little girls: Alice Fenn, 2, and Louisa Joy, 3 months. Additionally I look forward to joining the dynamic UU congregation in Golden, CO as a way to start making new friends and to continue to support our liberal faith. It will be a new adventure all around!

With love and admiration for all of you. Keep your courage up. You will be glad.

Reverend Lucinda Duncan
Minister Emerita