Welcome Jozsef and Anna from Transylvania (but potluck is canceled)

Partner Church Activites

Jozsef and Anna

The visit of Jozsef, the esteemed minister and wood carver who is making a table for us to celebrate the completion of our new construction, and his wife Anna Szombatfalvi is fast approaching. The Partner Church Committee is excitedly making final preparations. Our service on March 8 will welcome Jozsef and Anna. March 9-14 Jozsef will be working in room 210. If you are interested in seeing his traditional carving you are welcome to stop by and observe. Jozsef and Anna’s visit is a gift to us from our Partner Church.

Check out Joe Turner’s photos of Follen welcoming our friends.

Sneak Peek: Check out the before and after of one table leg!


Jozsef with one of his carvings

Potluck on Friday March 13 is CANCELED.

The Partner Church Committee has decided to cancel the potluck with Jozsef and Anna on Friday, March 13.

You can read more details about our Partner Church program here.

A few words of Hungarian in case you are interested in speaking a little with Jozsef and Anna.

Kérem – Please
Köszönöm – Thank you
Igen/Nem – Yes/No

Kávé – Coffee
Tea – Tea
Viz – Water

Jó reggelt kivánok – I wish you a good morning.
Jó napot kivánok – I wish you a good day.
Jó estét kivánok – I wish you a good evening.
Jó északaát – Good night.
Hogy van? – How are you?
Jól vagyok – I’m fine (well).

We hope you will join us in making Jozsef and Anna feel welcome and at home here at Follen.