A March visit from Jozsef and Anna

The Partner Church Committee is excited to announce that Jozsef and Anna Szombatfalvis will be visiting us in March as a gift from our partner church in Transylvania. Jozsef is a wood carver and will be making a table for us to celebrate the completion of our new construction. The service on March 8 will welcome Jozsef and Anna. March 9- 14 Jozsef will be working in room 210. If you are interested in seeing his traditional carving you are welcome to stop by and observe.

A few words of Hungarian in case you are interested in speaking a little with Jozsef and Anna.

Kérem – Please
Köszönöm – Thank you
Igen/Nem – Yes/No

Kávé – Coffee
Tea – Tea
Viz – Water

Jó reggelt kivánok – I wish you a good morning.
Jó napot kivánok – I wish you a good day.
Jó estét kivánok – I wish you a good evening.
Jó északaát – Good night.
Hogy van? – How are you?>
Jól vagyok – I’m fine (well).

We hope you will join us in making Jozsef and Anna feel welcome and at home here at Follen.