Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Dialogue Sermon

In their weekly meetings, after they’ve planned worship, Rev. Claire and retiring Music Director Thomas Stumpf usually end up musing over the BIG questions: “What do you believe about God and suffering? What is your calling?”  In this compelling Dialogue Sermon, they share their personal answers with all of us.

Stewardship Sunday

What does Follen mean to you? Now more than ever, we need our unique religious community — and it needs us! Chalice Lighting by Fred Johnson   Personal Point by Chris Farnham   Invitation and Prayer by Kyle Johnson   “Alleluia” and “A Charge To Keep I Have”   “Funding the Revolution” Sermon and Reading

Remembering and Returning

All ages are welcome at 9:30 and 11:30 for multi-generational worship! Our children’s choir will sing at the 9:30 service and the youth choir at the 11:30 service. Rev. Claire will lead a service of reflection and remembrance for loved ones, and consideration of how our actions ripple out into the world. Please bring a photo of a departed loved one to … Continued

Flower Communion

Follen’s annual ritual that celebrates both the return of spring and the joy of living in community. Rev. Claire preaches on creativity. “God is not a thing, or a person: God is a VERB, God is something that has happened, is happening, and will happen again . . . God is spring — and God comes … Continued

Grace Happens

Rev. Claire and Interim DRE Deb Weiner will lead our two (9:30 and 11:30 am) multigenerational services on this month’s worship theme of “Grace.” What is grace? Is it something we do…see…or say? Our junior and youth choirs will sing “Amazing Grace.” Read/Download “Grace Happens”  

Ingathering: Two Services “Hand in Hand”

Our annual services of ingathering and homecoming! Rev. Claire will preach, and Rev. Susanne will lead us in prayer. We’ll honor the teachers in our religious education program, and celebrate community. Our music, led by new Music Director Vivian Montgomery, will be eclectic and excellent! Our worship theme this month is “Unlocked.” How does joining … Continued


Where have you found sanctuary — in a loved one’s arms, under a blue sky, under a sheltering roof? How can we find sanctuary in the midst of this chaotic world?

Tough Love

“Love is not nice, it is often uncomfortable. It does not always make us feel good, it is inconvenient, it takes sides. Love is hard. Do it anyway.” — Rev. Annie Gonzelez Milliken. On this Sunday before Valentine’s Day, Rev. Claire will reflect on the meaning of love…true love…and what Love calls us towards.

Open the Door

Our faith calls us to a practice of openness: open to new people, ideas, and ways of being. But being open is hard! How can we get more open…to being open? Music Director Vivian Montgomery will lead the Adult Choir in dynamic pieces, and we will also commission our new team of lay ministers.

Who Needs You?

What do you do when you get multiple calls in different directions? What if you have to decide between calls — say, between parenting and justice work? This week Rev. Claire looks at the story of Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp, Unitarian heroes who saved thousands — at great personal cost. Read/Download “Who Needs You?” Reading and Sermon from … Continued

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