Follen’s last production of “Patience.”

Follen’s Tradition

For more than 55 years, Follen has put on a Spring musical production, in the form of operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan. This tradition celebrates music, humor and widespread participation for children and youth of many ages who are supported by adults in the church community.  The operetta draws in many talents (to build sets, costumes sell tickets, and more) and strengthens the bonds within our congregation.

About the Show

Patience is a playful comedy that pokes fun at the societal fads we all fall sway to at one point or another. If you’ve ever gone for that perm whole hog, or caved to buy your first pair of jeggings, you’ll be able to identify with the maidens of Patience’s world. Similarly, if you’ve stalwartly held onto your bell-bottoms, or insisted that your scrunchie was the way to go, the dragoon guards will be your pals.

In Patience we learn to laugh at ourselves through the mirror of Gilbert and Sullivan’s characters and to find joy in owning our own likes and dislikes. Set in the late 1800’s, the townspeople and guards swirl around in a tizzy over a ridiculous poet and his fervently unrequited love interest, the simple milkmaid, Patience. All is thrown into chaos when an even more irresistible poet arrives with an entirely different style of verse to offer the love-sick townspeople.

Join us for this fun-filled time of song and fellowship this spring!

Directed by Sara Haugland, with musical preparation by Music Director Vivian Montgomery.


                          Friday                           Saturday
Bunthorne       Juliana Stern                 Ben Horsburgh
Grosvenor       Henry Walters                Jessie Cali
Patience         Venice Mountain-Zona   Isabella Scopetski
Lady Jane       Juliet Stevenson            Lydia Rommel
Duke               Caleb Johnson               Dylan Scopetski
Major              Henry Stevenson            Henri Engstrom
Colonel           Connor Mulligan             Evan Bitsko
Colonel           Oliver Contran                Owen Hefferman
Angela            Sydney Hart                    Becca Johnson
Saphir             Grace Walters                 Grace Walters
Ella                 Lulu Eddy                        Bayley Fox
Abigail Becker, Stephanie Campbell, Marjory Feingold Thoryn, Camden Fox, Alisha Gandhi, Rohan Gandhi, Ian Horsburgh, Calix Huang, Eli Intriligator, Hannah Markelz, Lucy Markelz, Heath Nevis, Jasper Nevis, Honor O’Shaughnessy, Tess O’Shaughnessy, Maisie Rines, Layla Roof, Nolan Roof, Lila Sandler, Annika Truslow, Magnus Truslow, Aoife Willerjee
Note: Leads will be in the chorus on their non-lead nights.


All Follen youth are invited to take part as performers. EVERYONE is invited to be a production volunteer!

Volunteer to help with:

  • sets
  • costumes
  • lighting
  • publicity
  • props
  • kid-wrangling

Let us know your interest by signing up here or e-mailing Director Sara Haugland.



Please see this updated rehearsal schedule.


  • Friday June 8 – 8pm performance
  • Saturday June 9 – 8pm performance

Tickets will go on sale May 1.  Contact for more information.