Get Ready for the East Village Fair!

Saturday, September 30, 10am to 3pm
First Chance Cafe: Friday, 7pm, Anne Smith

The 179th annual East Village Fair is this Saturday! And Friday is the First Chance Cafe, with delicious treats and the Flea Market preview!

We still need:
1. Your donations of labeled, potted perennials and ferns, irises, herbs, daylilies, healthy house plants, empty pots and garden tools.
2. Your help! Sign up for an EVF time slot. There are still lots of fun little jobs to fill that will leave you time for fun at the fair.


A Poem for the Fair, by Harvy Simkovits:

Oh mighty turnbuckle

Your winding and unwinding ways—tightening and loosening

You hold opposing ends together with your symmetry

You mate with the bungies to make structures tall and firm

Your twisting, turning, and tightening make fingers and wrists stronger


Without you, there would be no tent

Without tents there would be no fair

Without The Fair there would be less fun

Without fun there would be less to our Follen and its finances

Oh mighty turnbuckle

Our fun, fair, and future depend on you


Each one of us Follenites is a turnbuckle too

Loose and disengaged, we lie still in a box

Tight and connected, we hold our community together

Oh mighty Follen turnbuckle

Our fun, fair, and future depend on you too