Follenite Harvy Simkovits Launches His Memoir

Sunday, November 11, 2-4pm, Follen Community Center

Twelve years in the making, “Just Lassen to Me!” is a true, enthralling father-son tale. War survivor, escapee from communism, and Canadian immigrant John Simkovits amassed a fortune through devious and deceitful means. His son Harvy, enticed to follow in his father’s finagling footsteps, works to reconcile, repudiate, and rectify his dad’s legacy. Written with honesty, humor, and humility, this is a son’s story of surviving a survivor. To register: Email

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An Update from Harvy:

Hi fellow Follenites:

Many of you have already told me that you will be coming this Saturday, 2-4pm, for my second book launch.

Just wanted to give you a heads up. If you are coming, please try to arrive no later than 2:15pm. Last weekend, at Lexington Depot, we had some people arrive at 3:30PMthinking that the event went to 4pm and it was just an informal book-signing gathering. In fact there will be a formal program of introductions, book reading, story-telling, Q&A, and then book signing. The people who arrived at 3:30 last Saturday were disappointed that they did not participate in the larger program, so I don’t want you to miss out. But if you can only come later, know that you are welcome.

Again, thanks for your interest. It will be another grand event. We had a big crowd last weekend that enjoyed the program. And thanks to the folks who have already bought my book.

Remember that $5 of every book purchase that day will go to support organizations (UUUM and Jane Doe) that help victims of domestic abuse and violence.

And, there will be $5 voluntary donation that we will be accepting at the door for the rental of Follen’s community center. Any excess voluntary donations in that regard will go to Follen.

My best,