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A Letter from Rev. Claire

Dear Follen, What a summer we have ahead! We’ll be sending regular photo updates of the building project. We’ll post all the photos and updates here. Two new staff members will start in August: Beryl Aschenberg is our incoming Director of Faith Formation. Andy Bean is our incoming Membership Director. Andy lives in Burlington MA. … Continued

June’s Worship Theme: Epiphany

Physicist Freeman Dyson solved the central problem of quantum electrodynamics, a theory that describes how light and matter interact. Dyson was on a Greyhound bus trip across America when the revelation came to him. He said, “…For two weeks I had not thought about physics, and now it came bursting into my consciousness like an … Continued

In the Interim: Signing Off

My office looks like a hurricane blew through it. Although it’s relatively quiet in the hall now, I know that within an hour or so, lots of volunteers will arrive, and the continued job of packing the religious education storage area and other cubbyholes where things are stacked will resume. Next Wednesday the movers arrive, … Continued

A Letter from Our New Director of Faith Formation

Meet Beryl Aschenberg Greetings! My name is Beryl (rhymes with “Cheryl”) Aschenberg, and I am delighted to be joining Follen Church as your new Director of Faith Formation. I look forward to a long and mutually fulfilling relationship with the members of this community as we explore dimensions of religious living and learning together. I … Continued

In the Interim: Tying it With Ribbons

This is my favorite time of year. I love looking at the trees and bushes and seeing more shades of green and pink and red than I ever thought possible…smelling hyacinths, lilacs, lily of the valley (my favorite flowers) and seeing the bumble bees buzzing around. I love the chill in the air at night … Continued

The Interim Leader’s Tasks within a Congregation:  Leaving Well

This week, we conclude our exploration of the tasks of interim religious leaders and the congregations they serve, as they go through the interim period.  We’ve had five weeks of focus on the work of the congregation during the interim period:  an examination of the congregation’s Heritage (coming to terms with history), Mission (developing a … Continued

May’s Worship Theme: Beyond

This month’s worship theme embraces the human hunger for more. UU theologian, Henry Nelson Wieman, once referred to this pull as “The Divine Lure.” What do you yearn for? This exercise helps us pay attention to what what we yearn for and what is luring us—divine or otherwise. The instructions are simple.  For a week, … Continued

Seen and Unseen – More Reflections from the Big Easy

This is a special blog post about the just-concluded Follen youth service learning trip to New Orleans, LA. During Follen’s week in New Orleans I kept reminding myself that there were learnings everywhere.  There were things that were obvious: the multicultural community in which everyone lives, the different pace of life, the differences between being … Continued

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