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Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

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Welcome to Follen – an active, caring UU congregation. We come together from many traditions and many walks of life to build a spiritual community for each other and to serve the world. No matter who you are, where you are from, or whom you love, you are welcome here! – Rev. Claire Feingold Thoryn

Claire’s Column – “Heroes,” May 2015

The worship theme for May is “Heroes”. Stories and inspiration from faithful, bold, justice-seeking heroes. We’ll start with the man who created Flower Communion and venture on from there.   Spiritual Exercise: Be Someone’s Hero From Rev. Vanessa Rush Southern’s book This Piece of Eden: Stanislaw J. Lec is quoted as saying, “Each snowflake in an avalanche…

Worship Services

Most Sundays: 10:00 am Family Worship (kid-friendly, 20 minutes); 10:30 am Worship

Upcoming Events

May 23, 2015
Cape Cod weekend
Starts: 12:00 am
May 24, 2015
Cape Cod weekend
Starts: 12:00 am
May 25, 2015
Cape Cod weekend
Starts: 12:00 am
Offices closed for holiday
Starts: 12:00 am
Operetta Rehearsal: All
Starts: 4:00 pm
May 26, 2015
Leads Operetta rehearsal
Starts: 3:00 pm

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